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Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or your tenth, you’re in good hands at Wyrdos in Milton Keynes. We are extremely hygienic and health conscious with a studio that is spotlessly clean.

Tattoos and Piercings

At Wyrdos, your needs come first. Our talented and experienced staff understands how personal and meaningful tattoos can be.

We are able to draw up a personalised tattoo just for you or you can browse our gallery for some inspiration. We also offer Ritual Tattooing. Are you looking to get a piercing done instead? Our piercing artists are just as experienced as our tattoo designers. They will be able to pierce just about anywhere on your body with appropriate jewellery and always give you expert aftercare advice

Shop: From Incense to Tarot Cards

Wyrdos sells everything from incense to tarot cards in our online New Age shop.

We cater to Wiccans, Shamans and other spiritual individuals alike. A few examples of items, we sell:

• Candles and candleholders

• Incense sticks and incense cones

• Tumbled and rough crystals • Scrying mirrors and singing bowls

• Pagan and Wiccan items

• Piercing jewellery