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Nose Piercing Milton Keynes   


If you are looking for a nose piercing in the Milton Keynes area pop in to wyrdos. We are an experienced piercing studio that offer quality body piercing at affordable prices. We are currently running a special offer that sees all above the waist piercings at £10! We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon! 

History Of Nose Piercings   

Nose piercing is another popular piercing. It is very attractive, and can accentuate the face. Nose piercing was first recorded in the Middle East approximately 4,000 years ago, it is mentioned in The Bible in Genesis 24:22 Abraham requested his oldest servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, the servant found Rebekah, and one of the gifts he gave her was a “golden earring” the original Hebrew word used was Shanf, which also translates as “nose-ring”.   

Nose rings can be worn on either side of the nose or through the septum. This practice is still followed among the nomadic Berber and Beja tribes of Africa, and the Bedouins of the Middle East, the size of the ring denotes the wealth of the family. It is given by the husband to his wife at the marriage, and is her security if she is divorced. Among the Tlingit of southeast Alaska, nose rings were considered a mark of distinction and prestige and were worn by both men and women. Nose piercing was also popular in Ancient Mexico and India.    

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