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Nipple Piercing Milton Keynes  

If you are looking to have a nipple piercing in the Milton Keynes area come in and visit Tony at Wyrdos. We are a local piercing studio with a wealth of experience in the industry. Tony comes highly recommended in the area as providing quality piercings at affordable prices. All above the hip piercings we are currently offering for only £10!!    

History of the Nipple Piercing  

In the late 1890s the ‘Bosom Ring’, came into fashion briefly, and sold in expensive Parisian jewellery shops. These ‘Anneux De Sein’ were inserted through the nipple, and some women wore on either side linked with a delicate chain. The rings enlarged the nipples and kept them in a state of constant excitation…the medical community was outraged by these cosmetic procedures, for they represented a rejection of traditional conceptions of the purpose of a woman’s body. Nipple piercing was once practised by the Karankawa Indians of Texas and is still practised in the Mountains of Algeria, by women of the nomadic Kabyle tribe.   

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We offer our nipple piercing to both male and female customers so make your appointment today. Call us directly on 01908 614485. 

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