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Once you leave our studio care of your piercing is up to you.. we recommend the following instructions specified below, the healing of your piercing will be quick and as free from infection as possible. These instructions have been medically approved.

Depending on where you are pierced, the skin may rub on clothing or on your pillow at night, which may irritate your piercing causing longer healing process. Healing maybe prolonged if you are generally unwell, drink large quantities of alcohol or take regular recreational drugs. Initially, piercings will be uncomfortable, possibly inflamed and the surrounding skin may appear red.

You may also notice fluid oozing from your piercing which is yellowy green in appearance, which will crystallise around the jewellery. This is a natural reaction created by the body and quite normal. The fluid helps clean what the body sees as a wound and contains proteins to help heal the wound. This is not puss or an infection. Females during their menstrual cycle may also heal slower and may be more sensitive.

Cleaning Process

  • Add the correct amount of sea salt to the correct vessel of cooled boiled water
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Soak the piercing using the appropriate saline solution (see below)
  • Use a clean swab / cotton bud to clean the surrounding skin and jewellery
  • Pat dry with a clean paper towel

Simple Steps to Aid the Process of Healing:

Avoid using perfume, perfumed soaps & deodorants near your piercing until healed.

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching your piercing. It is more hygienic to lick a toilet bowl than to chew your finger nails!

Using more sea salt than specified or over cleaning can be abrasive causing unnecessary harm to the skin. It is not advisable to use Hydrogen Peroxide, TCP, Detol, Surgical Spirit, Savlon, Germolene or any other creams, lotions, potions and solutions.

A healthy diet, good sleep pattern, being a non smoker and refraining from recreational drug use will aid healing.

It is unwise to have oral contact with any piercing during the healing process, due to the spread of bacteria from the mouth.

In regards to genital piercings; refrain from sexual activity and intercourse until your piercing is healed (approximately 4-6 weeks).

Early removal of jewellery will cause trauma to the piercing and surrounding tissues, and will cause a prolonged healing time. Furthermore, you may lose the piercing due to the bodies’ natural response to reject it.

Animal hair contamination will cause elongated healing and / or infection.

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us

If you are concerned or have any questions regarding your piercing, please contact one of our piercers. Infection is unlikely; however signs are very red and painful skin around the pierced site and foul smelling discharge.

Although rare, it must be pointed out that it is not natural for the body to include jewellery within its skin and therefore rejection may still occur.

On the rare occasion that skin grows over a piercing, especially within the lips, please return to your piercer for further advice.

As you eat, talk, walk, run etc, your body vibrates. This vibration can cause screw on balls to vibrate off. Please tighten screw on balls on barbell piercings several times per day